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Free software program that allows you to delete files that are otherwise blocked

Free software program that allows you to delete files that are otherwise blocked

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Program license: Free

Program by: IObit Information Technology

Version: 1.1(20150721)

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Program by


IObit Information Technology


Works under:


nlocker is the program version of a key that unlocks file doors. Specifically, the program unlocks files targeted for deletion but Windows won't allow the action to take place. "Access Denied" won't be a message that represents an insurmountable hurdle anymore. IObit Unlocker is there to make things happen the way the user intends actions to occur.

Hurdles No More

Overcoming processes that are locking a file targeted for deletion makes managing disk space a lot easier. Certain files may have to go for reasons more than just the freeing up of space. Files or folders with sensitive information might really need to be eliminated. Frustration is going to ensue when such a simple action is not possible. IOBit Unlocker takes all those frustrations away.

Very Basic Operations

The program that has a grip on the file or folder is targeted. The grip ends up being released. Deletion can then occur. All of this can be done with one click. A multitude of steps and executions are not required. The program is designed to work with speed, ease, and efficiency in mind.

The one-click operation is not limited to just deletions either. There are other override commands that can be engaged. In addition to unlocking and deleting, it also offers features like unlock, rename, move, and copy. Regardless of what particular action the user wishes to perform, the locked file won't stay locked for long. Maximum flexibility is once again afforded to the user.

The program is highly reliable in terms of its ability to terminate any processes creating a lock on a file or folder. "Forced mode" does what its name suggests. It forces the processes to do what is instructed.


  • Able to execute a host of commands
  • Extremely simple to operate


  • Designed only for Windows

Screenshots of IObit Unlocker